Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

We all have times things are emotionally difficult. It is not about making the feelings not happen, that’s impossible!  It is about how we can endure the strong feelings without becoming really overwhelmed. How your body experiences feelings is hard wired in our nervous system. From the moment we are conceived we begin to “marinate” Read more…

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Famous Energy Medicine Author Quotes

Great Quotations from Energy Therapy Pioneers James Oschman, PhD: In a few decades scientists have gone from a conviction that there is no such thing as an energy field around the human body, to an absolute certainty that it exists. Moreover, science is explaining the roles of energy fields in health and disease. The main Read more…

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Dr. Kate is training to be a biodynamic craniosacral therapy teacher

Hi New Yorkers and New Englanders, I wanted to alert you that I will be assisting  Franklyn Sills this month from November 18th- November 23rd.  Franklyn is one of the leading authors and teachers in the field of biodynamic craniosacral therapy.  This is an opportunity  to deepen my practice as a healer. I understand that Read more…

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Dr. Kate becomes a T.A. for Franklyn Sills NYC training

I am happy to be assisting  Franklyn Sills in NYC this November of 2008. He will  teach a 10 module, 2 year foundation training in biodynamic craniosacral therapy. I highly recommend anyone who is serious about cranial work and self growth take this training. He is one of the most well known, respected, pioneers, and Read more…

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Dr. Kate teaching assisting craniosacral training in Nelson, British Columbia

I am back from Nelson! We had a class of 20 students, who were all quite sweet in their own way. I am looking forward to getting to know them. The new way of teaching biodynamic craniosacral therapy is less bumpy than the way that I was taught 7 years ago. The first module was Read more…

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Dr. Kate attended Franklyn Sills advanced training

Wow what a fall ! In September I had the lovely opportunity to take a 5 day craniosacral advanced training with Franklyn Sills in New York City. It was at the Meta center which was a great place for the class; lots of light, and very little sound up on the 16th floor of a Read more…

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The differences in craniosacral training

There are may types of craniosacral therapy. There are many names for similar types of work: cranial work, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, cranial osteopathy, sacro-occipital technique, they all stem from the work of Dr. Sutherland. You can read and hear more about the origins of cranial work by going to my website and downloading the mp3 Read more…

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