Headaches, migraines, and osteoporosis

Anything that causes constriction of the blood vessels of the head can result in a migraine headache. In general craniosacral therapy supports balance of the nervous system. The nervous system controls the nerves which in turn control blood vessel constriction in the brain. Migraines are often triggered by stress, diet, hormones, allergies, loss of joint motion, and craniosacral system restrictions. In my experience in 6- 12 sessions your migraines will either be lessened or be totally gone. Sometimes people do not respond well to treatment because the actual cause is hormonal, or diet. All of the causes are taken into consideration. Often the cause is multifaceted.

Case stories:

Patient #1

Patient came in with headaches. I checked their cranial nerves. All of the cranial nerve tests were normal. The patient insisted that I adjust their upper neck, when I tested their system to see if this would help the answer was “no”. So I did not do any adjustments.

I treated the person with craniosacral therapy 1-2 times a week. Their headaches did not improve. After about 4 or 5 treatments I re-checked their cranial nerves, inquired about their diet, and lifestyle habits. Nothing pointed to a specific cause. The patient was getting frustrated with me, and begged me to just ” crack” their upper neck. I checked, and still got the same answer; which was no. I was puzzled at this point, and sent them to a neurologist. A few weeks later I spoke with the neurologist, who said that there were no positive findings upon examination, but sent the patient out for a CT scan to be careful. The results came back and showed that the patient had a small tumor in their brain-stem.

The patient had it removed and is doing well! It is important to stick to my diagnosis and treatment plan when it comes to doing chiropractic adjustments. Had I done what the patient wanted I suspect the outcome would not have been good because of the brainstem tumor.

Patient 2

This patient had headaches every day for years. They were tested and everything was normal with standard medical testing. The patient was taking ibuprophen every day. This was helping alleviate the symptoms but the headaches continued to return. After examining the patient thoroughly, we tried a series of Craniosacral therapy treatments. After about 12 visits the patients headaches went away permanently! The quality of life was greatly improved in the patient.

Sometimes getting the right treatment makes all of the difference. In my opinion it is best to use conservative treatments first. Sometimes acupuncture combined with craniosacral therapy can really help. Medications should be the last resort, especially if the headaches are weekly. Medications are important to take when one is in pain.  Medications are hard on the liver, kidney, and digestive tract when used often. Treating the cause needs to be considered first before covering up the body’s symptomatic cry for help. Medications should be the last resort for chronic headaches. Getting treated with craniosacral therapy, adjustments, muscle work, and acupuncture can at least lessen the need for medications, and at best get rid of the headaches and their recurrence.

Treating sooner rather than later is the rule with recurring headaches. That way you will feel better, and the need for treatments will be less.

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