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Welcome, are you experiencing pain, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues, trouble concentrating? Have you done western medicine with no results? If you are ready to have relief, schedule an appointment online today and start on your journey to healing with Dr. Kate.

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Growing up the youngest of 4 brothers and one sister was was a very active life from day one. I love being outside, and tried to keep up with my siblings playing whiffle ball, basketball, capture the flag, and kickball. My parents both got doctorates in education and deeply valued higher education. We grew up Read more…

Patient Success Stories

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These reviews are from verified customers of this business. Jenny P  May 16, 2014 Immediate Connection: Kate has already made an effort to connect with me and understand where all of my issues are really stemming from. I’ve only been working with her for a short time now, but I already feel as though she Read more…

Study Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy


CLICK HERE TO RECEIVE NEWSLETTERS AND NOTIFICATIONS FROM DR KATE KLEMER:  “In order to cure the human body, it is necessary to have a knowledge of the whole of things.”     – Hippocrates     This training is one of the most extensive in depth trainings that  one can take in  Craniosacral Therapy. This two-year part Read more…

Professional Reviews

“Kate Klemer is an invaluable resource for my clients, my family and myself.  As a Pilates professional for over 20 years, and originator/teacher at the Kane School  in NYC,  I often feel like my clients need “hands on” to facilitate their healing.  I have never found a practitioner, that I trust more fully, to handle any orthopedic, neurological, or general function issues than Kate.”
–Kelly Kane, Kane School of Core Integration


“As a full time yoga teacher I am incredibly attuned to my body and Kate is one of the only people I trust when I need healing work, whether it be nutrition consultation, craniosacral or chiropractic work.  Over the last 5 years she has consistently helped me to completely heal a wide range of issues that no one else could treat effectively.  It is her combination of gifted intuition, years of refined experience, and deep technical knowledge of the body that makes one session with Kate like 5 sessions with any other healer or bodyworker! “
– Amy Reed, Anusara Yoga Instructor

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    Chiropractic is about the relationship between the body’s structure and function. The goal is to maximize the normal mechanical motion of all the joints, particularly the spine, as it has a direct connection to the central nervous system. This, in turn, affects surrounding soft tissue, nerves, lymphatics and blood vessels. By working with the joints, Read more…

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    Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

    Cranial work connects directly with the quantum physics of your body. To be more specific, “quantum” theories deal with the smallest quantity or fundamental unit of radiant energy in a system. “Physics,” while perhaps understood most commonly as the class many of us had a hard time passing, is, put simply the science that deals Read more…

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    Often times your body tells you long before a disease is diagnosed that something is not functioning properly. This can be detected with applied kinesiology. By working with nutritional health and food choices, my work aims to support the function of organs and minimize systemic inflammation. When your organs are functioning poorly they can irritate Read more…




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